In the vast ocean of trading, I recognize that each person sails with unique aspirations, challenges and objectives. I strive to go beyond the surface, diving deep into the depths of individual needs. Whether you’re a novice seeking guidance or a seasoned trader seeking fresh perspectives, I am dedicated to providing the support necessary to navigate this intricate world.

Here is a rough overview over some supportive tasks I offer:


We come together to delve into the markets in real-time. As we navigate the dynamic landscape, I offer you a front-row seat to witness my thinking process. Together, we embrace the excitement of live trades, witnessing the ebb and flow of market movements.

Trade Analyse

I will analyse your historical trades. Packed with a set of rules to reduce the error rate I will communicate my suggestions for improvement.

Training trading topics

Everything around trading such as: Orderflow-Trading, Understanding market environments, Simple charting, Newstrading, Market correlations, GapFilling, Stop-Runs, Market sentiment measurments, VWAP, FundedTrading, Understanding Derivatives, Automated trading etc.